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I met Donna a year ago when we had a relatively urgent need to fill a very important administrative position. As a firm, although we had grown rapidly during the past 10 years, we had never before utilized an outside recruiter to fill any position. Thus, we were initially a little skeptical. However, based upon the wonderful experience we had working with Donna, I would not even think of trying to fill a similar position without her help in the future. From the very first meeting until well after she had found the perfect person for us, she was incredibly insightful, hard-working and extremely professional. Her personal approach was refreshing and her ability to really understand our specific needs and culture allowed her to find the perfect candidate in a very short time. She is experienced, responsive and overall, just a pleasure to work with!

– Linda L. Pace
   Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

   Blue Vista Capital Management, LLC
Heffner Direct Hire
After a 20+ year career in public relations, I resigned as vice president of a PR firm, gave myself a summer sabbatical and decided to change careers.  At the time, I had no idea what I wanted to do.

I have known Donna Heffner for many years as a neighbor who worked in the placement industry.  I reached out to her in a professional capacity and she ended up being instrumental in my transition.

Donna has an excellent ability to intuitively match a candidate’s skills with a client’s requirements.  Her network of contacts is extensive; she is easy to talk with, a good listener and honest in her assessments.

I particularly respect Donna’s integrity and gracious, direct approach.  She is an experienced professional who is passionate about getting the job done right.  I highly recommend her services.

– Kathy Rodgers
   Executive Assistant to Richard H. Driehaus

   Driehaus Capital Management LLC
Heffner Direct Hire
My experience with Donna Heffner as a recruiter has been outstanding. She is extremely experienced in the industry and is quite successful in building and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships within the Chicagoland business environment.

As a candidate, I truly feel that the best interest of both the candidate and client are of utmost importance to Donna. She really makes it her top priority to find the perfect fit and does not waste time with companies or interviews that she didn’t see as a viable option. Wherein some recruiters are only interested in filling the job req, Donna puts a sincere personal effort and concern into her placements and the entire process.

I have been at my current company for approx 1 ½ years. Donna placed me here while she was working at a previous firm. I would highly recommend both candidates and clients to utilize Donna and her recruiting services.

– Kate Jadwicziak
   Executive Assistant
Heffner Direct Hire
I have known Donna for over 5 years. In those five years, I have reached out to Donna for a myriad of placement solutions on both sides of the spectrum – as an employer needing to fill vacancies and as a candidate looking to make a change. Working for the Marshall Field family in their family office, Donna was the only call I would make when looking to fill a position that became available in that office. Time and time again, Donna delivered the right candidate and made the search process painless.
She also sourced two incredible opportunities for me and was instrumental in my career trajectory. Donna was the catalyst for the opportunity to work for an entrepreneur in his tech company and subsequently for my introduction to another charitable foundation.
I have found Donna to be extremely professional and knowledgeable but what differentiates Donna is her innate ability to read the situation and the candidate and effect the placement solution that is a win-win for both the employer and employee. With over a twenty-five year span of office management experience in working with personnel consultants, I have found Donna’s people skills with her keen instincts to be unparalleled.

– Patricia E. Wallies
   Executive Director

   Jamee And Marshall Field Foundation
Heffner Direct Hire
I have known Donna Heffner for over 7 years and I met her under very trying circumstances. She was a recruiter for a staffing firm and I worked for a large advertising firm. I was hired there to replace an employee who was ill; Donna had placed this candidate several years prior. I will never forget the impression she made on me at that time. She was not recruiting for us she was solely acting as a friend and support system to our employee. Even though Donna was originally her recruiter, I quickly learned, she clearly was much more than that.

It is no exaggeration to state that Donna is a true professional and a trusted confidant to all of her clients. She has worked on several very complicated openings for me and I sought her out because she gives 110%, she partners with you and performs as if she were employed at your company.

Recruiting is a tough, competitive business. Donna is smart, hardworking and dedicated. Her communication skills are excellent and she handles interpersonal relationships with ease. Donna will not only become your recruiter, she will be your partner and ultimately a friend or associate that you will come to rely on every time you have an opening.

I am 100% confident in recommending Donna Heffner to you. I promise, you will not be disappointed and I am certain that each time you have an opening or if you are a job seeker, you will reach out to her for assistance.

If you have any questions, or would like any additional information about Donna’s background or her capabilities, feel free to contact me.

– Mary L. Ruberry
   Vice President, Human Resources

   The Parking Spot
Heffner Direct Hire
I have been an Executive Assistant for almost 25 years and have had the pleasure of working with Donna Heffner on more than one occasion.  Embarking on a job search is one of my least favorite exercises, but partnering with Donna made the process almost fun!  I can’t think of anyone that I respect and trust more.   

Her positive energy, extensive knowledge of the market, and ability to find the right fit for both the candidate and employer is unmatched in my experience.  Donna is totally authentic and dedicated to championing the best interests of her clients.   In addition to being extremely skilled, she is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.  I recommend her services enthusiastically and without hesitation.

– Susan R. Pinkus
   Walton Street Capital, L.L.C.
Heffner Direct Hire
I have known Donna for ten years both professionally and personally. She is very smart, well-rounded and a very conscientious woman. Whether I have worked with her as a candidate for employment or as an employer working to fill positions, she has always delivered on the needs of the situation. She is dedicated to you when she works with you. Donna will be your advocate while being completely honest in each circumstance and every communication with you. She reads situations well and with discerning precision is able to put a candidate and an employer in the best of situations. You and your organization will be making a wise selection by using Heffner Direct Hire.

– Ann M. Rupcich
   Executive Assistant to Chief Executive Officer, Peter Q. Thompson

   Perkins Investment Management
Heffner Direct Hire
I have been both a candidate and a client of Donna Heffner’s and I am amazed at the grace, ease and skill she manages a client’s expectations as well a candidate’s desires.

Donna’s high quality level of professionalism and experience stands head-and-shoulders among the rest of her competition because she cares and because she is accountable. She can read work environments very well. She knows the style, pace, and demeanor of an ideal candidate that will fit in beneficially for the client’s whole team.

There is a reason top execs in Chicago have Donna’s cell phone programmed in their cell phone. She knows her stuff. She’s trusted and she consistently delivers. She has had such a great repeat business that her client’s can phone-it-in with few words and she can transcribe that deliverable to its rightful tall order and promptly fill it.

She wants a win-win situation for her clients and candidates and she won’t waste anyone's time. If she doesn’t see it working, she won’t attempt to match it. Donna doesn’t work an arms-length away from her client; she works in “tandem” with her client. That’s what makes her so successful.

– Wendy Conway
   Executive Assistant
Heffner Direct Hire
I first met Donna about 5 years ago when I needed to fill an administrative opening. In my first meeting with her, she took time to learn about the culture of our organization and about the type of person the candidate would ultimately work for. That proved to be the difference in her candidates –every candidate she referred came not only with the appropriate skill set, but with the personality that would fit within our organization. From that point on, she was my “go to” person whenever we needed to fill an administrative position.

Donna is a true professional. One of her greatest assets is her desire and innate ability to find the perfect person to fill a position. When the right person is placed, it often results in a long term relationship for both the client and the candidate. Many of the people Donna has placed with us over the past five years are still working with us today – a sign of a successful placement.

Donna’s high level of integrity, superior interpersonal skills, and her dedication to servicing both her clients and candidates make her stand out from the rest of the placement consultants.

I would recommend using Donna for your next placement – you will not be disappointed.

– Cindy Donatelli
   The Commercial Club of Chicago
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